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Home / Beaches / Naturist beaches: Caribbean

Naturist beaches: Caribbean

The travel website Islands (www.islands.com) has nominated its top five naturist beaches in the Caribbean:

Pointe Tarare, Guadeloupe
Narrow and tough to find but popular nonetheless, this is claimed to be the first legally designated nude beach in the Western Hemisphere.

Grande Saline, St. Barthelemy
Très belle and an easy hop from capital city Gustavia. The more intrepid nudist may want to trek to harder-to-reach Anse du Gouverneur.

Hawksbill Bay, Antigua
The island’s only bare beach is a little charmer, the last of a string of four white-sand crescents on the west coast, near the Hawksbill Hotel.

Booby Cay, Jamaica
Bikini tops routinely fly on Negril’s hippie haven, but birthday-suit types should aim for this nearby islet (named for the bird, not the body part).

Orient Beach, St. Martin
On the French side (naturally - although the Dutch side has the bare-buns Cupecoy Beach), Orient is the Caribbean's premier place to drop trou.

Travel website Caribbean Journal (www.caribjournal.com) has also picked its top ten.

It also recommends Pointe Tarare, Hawksbill Bay, Booby Cay and Orient Beach, and then adds the following:

Grand Saline Beach, St Barth

“Truth be told, no one will blink an eye if you go topless on any of St. Barth’s beaches, but the best place to take it all off is at Salines. There’s no shade here, though, so slap on the sunscreen before you strip. Because there’s just something about St Barth makes you want to take your clothes off.”

Couples Tower Isle, Jamaica

“Guest of Couples Tower Isle strip off and find absolute comfort at this tiny private island three minutes from the classic all-inclusive resort in St Mary.”

Sandals Royal Caribbean, Jamaica

“A lot of people know that there is a private island off of Sandals Royal Caribbean in Montego Bay. Not many people know that there is a nude beach on the far side of the island. It’s a well-kept secret and really enhances the resort’s experience.”

Desire Pearl Resort and Spa, Riviera Maya, Mexico

“One of a few clothing-optional outposts on the Riviera Maya, this resort calls itself a ‘seductive clothing optional sanctuary.’ We’ve couldn’t have described it any better.

Hedonism II, Jamaica

“There’s an extra comfort level at the private beach at this famous resort. This is really a resort for like-minded people who love to have a great time with few inhibitions. The resort also has two sides: the ‘nude’ side and the ‘prude side, if you want to just try the scene.”

Hidden Beach, Riviera Maya, Mexico

“This resort has the pedigree, as it’s managed by one of the region’s top all-inclusive operators, Karisma. That makes it one of few au naturel resorts with a serious gourmet atmosphere.”


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