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Home / Beaches / Naturist beaches: Lanzarote

Naturist beaches: Lanzarote

This is not a comprehensive list of all naturist/nude sunbathing/clothing optional beaches on Lanzarote. Its primary intent is to give information on the easier-reached naturist beaches available on the island, in particular for those who have not visited Lanzarote previously. Information is correct as of August 2019. Suggest using Google Maps for the exact beach locations and for parking locations.  

Worth noting: Under Spanish Law, naturism/naked sunbathing is a personal and individual right. It’s as such not illegal. However discretion for others using any beach on Lanzarote should always be respected. All of the naturist nudist beaches listed below (save for one) are unofficial nude beaches but naturism is widely practised and tolerated on them. Do note however that none of the beaches listed below offer private sun-loungers, bars, toilets, shelter, food or drink. The selection in no particular order. 

Airport (ACE) beach between Playa Honda and Matagorda: Beach is adjacent to the Arrecife airport runway. It’s an easy 5 minute walk from car parking at the Matagorda (Puerto del Carmen) end of the airport runway, or from Playa Honda where there is a free public car park. Wide beach with yellow sand. Some rocky/stones ‘zoccos’ areas towards the rear of the beach offer a greater deal of privacy. Use the middle section of this 1km long beach. Popular with single males. Boardwalk/cycleway behind the beach is not naturist and discretion is advised.

Matagorda area: Yellow sand beach to the front of Hotel Beatriz Playa & Spa near to the airport. Used discretely by naturists weekdays and out of season, but discretion here is much advised as beach is located adjacent to a tourist area. There are some rocky/stones ‘zoccos’ horseshoe shaped areas that offer a greater deal of privacy. There are non naturists and families walking and cycling by on most days, so discretion is required. Nearby free car parking available in Matagorda shops area, which is a one way street - enter the road from the McDonalds restaurant junction at the northern end of Puerto Del Carmen, near to the airport.  

Papagayo Beaches: These four beaches are located on the southern tip of Lanzarote. Mainly sand and pebble beaches affording lovely views to Fuerteventura. Yellow/white sand surrounded and backed by headlands and sand dunes. Historically this has had mainly naturist users, but the larger two Papagayo beaches are now (2019) mainly used by textiles and families, and there is a caravan park development adjacent to the second beach. Suggest naturists use the smaller beach at the very southern part of the headland. Keep to the left on arrival at the headland. There is an entry charge to the Papagayo National Park Area for car parking. Pay at the ticket booth on entry. The track to all the beaches is very bumpy and often very dusty, and is a minimum 10 minute drive from the ticket booth.   

Between Puerto Del Carmen and Playa Quemada: A narrow strip of rocky beach extending 2km underneath the headlands. No sand, rocks only. A 10 minute walk west over the headland from Puerto Del Carmen Old Town or car parking is available on the Camino Barranco el Quiquere. Walk down the concrete steps from the headland. Rocky inlets on the left are mainly used by single males. The flatter rocky nudist sunbathing areas to the right are typically used by both sexes. Area can get busy at lunchtimes and weekends with locals. Alternatively park your car on the headlands to the north east of the village of Playa Quemada and walk down to one of the small rocky beaches along the headland to the right with the sea in front of you. Mainly single male users plus (occasional) couples and children. Popular for snorkelling as the sea here is crystal clear and has rocky inlets. Also it’s popular with fishermen, some naturist, some not. Care is advised in this area and families with children should best avoid as climbing over volcanic large rocks is an an obvious danger.      

Famara Beach: A beach popular with naturists, located in the north of Lanzarote, to the north of the village of Caleta de Famara and away from the village car parking areas. It is used by naturists including singles, couples and families. Occasional ‘swinger’ couples also use this beach. Large stone/rock 'zocos' to the rear of the 2km beach allow privacy and wind protection. Towards the sea the beach is brown/yellow sand. Best to avoid on a windy day. Swimming can be dangerous here due to the tides and occasional rip tides. Beach is quite wide at low tide but perfect for naturist walking. Park in the main sea-front car park (free) and walk north (away from the village) or drive round the back of the large villa development (known locally as the Norwegian Village) and park directly at the back of the beach. Track is bumpy and dusty. Take care with swimming in the sea and with the coastal tides. Best not to swim at high tide as the surf can be ruthless and dangerous.

Orzola area: There are several naturist/nude sunbathing beaches in the north of Lanzarote including three lovely white sand beaches located to the east of the village of Orzola. Beaches are named Mojon Blanco, Caleton Blanco and Charco de la Laja. Suggest car parking at the back of each beach. These beaches can be windy! There are rock/volcanic areas allowing naturist privacy and protection. There are beautiful lagoons at Charco de la Laja. The beaches here are often deserted apart from weekends and the summer months when they are very popular with locals and families and campers.  

Charco del Palo: In Mala in the north east of Lanzarote is an international naturist resort development, located on the beach near to the village of Mala. Follow road directions once in Mala towards the sea. It’s a peaceful and quiet residential development of apartments, bungalows and villas which are 100% naturist. Ample on-site car parking. There are 2 restaurants and 2 bars (not always open - opening hours are seasonal). Beach is an approx 2 km stretch of rocks with occasional sand lagoons that afford more comfortable sunbathing. There are naturist walks/paths each side of the beach which are very private, often unused and deserted and offer good views. Privacy can be found on this development as it’s large and spacious. Property owners/residents are multi national (Spanish, English, German and Dutch) and their property privacies should be respected by visitors. No BN or FKK card required. Day visitors should use the beach areas only. Park with discretion and respect all rights of locals and residents.


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