A recent survey conducted in Australia polled over 1,500 naturists, in a multitude of categories, in an attempt to expose the habits of the naked lifestyle Down Under.

The poll revealed that in many ways, naturists are just exactly like everybody else.

But of course, in their preferred attire, they just aren’t.

The most surprising statistic in the survey had to do with public perception. In answering the question, “How Does Society Perceive Nudists?” the naturists reported feeling outcast. 38.8% believed society viewed them “Poorly,” 22.9% believed it is actually “Very Poorly” and 17.3% saw it as “Extremely Poor.”  That means approximately 80% of nudists feel their lifestyle is denigrated in the public eye.

Are they happy about society’s view of their chosen lifestyle? No, of course they’re not. 

74.7% of naturists polled thought they should work to try to change society’s perception of their lifestyle. 25.3% don’t believe society’s perception is worth bothering about.  

44% of nudists also stated that they were secretive about their clothing-free lifestyle; they didn’t tell anyone.

What do naturists like best about their lifestyle? “Freedom” was the response of 40.5%. “Relaxation” was the second-highest reply, with 22%. “Friendly people” was checked by 7.3%, “Social interaction” merited 6.6%, and “It’s special” also netted 6.6%.

Other statistics included the fact that 59.9% of the naturists polled read naturist magazines, that the favourite place to be nude was “at home” with 82%, followed by “at the beach” with 76%, and when asked what inspired them to become naturists, “curiosity” received the highest statistic, 28%, with “skinny-dipping” in second place with 23%.