Why is it I feel safe in a naturist setting but you wouldn’t catch me wearing hot pants on the  high street? You might say it’s my right to dress in as little as I want and not expect unwanted attention, and you’d be right. In theory.

When I go to naturist events I do not expect to be ‘hit on’. And it has never happened to me although I know it can and does happen. Perhaps going as part of a couple has gone someway to derailing any potential unwanted attention. Probably.

The fundamental difference between dressing in less in town and dressing in nothing at all in a naturist setting however is the attitude of the people. If I go to a naturist event I know I’m going to be okay. If I walked naked down the high street I would expect unwanted attention: stares, crass comments, camera phones at the ready.

It’s partly why I don’t wear short skirts or shorts in public. At a naturist event, people will look at my face and talk to me like a human being. I know with naturists I am accepted for how I look, and I won’t be scrutinised because of my figure or sex appeal.

That is why naturism does NOT equal sex. And yet so many people are wary of naturism, because they cannot comprehend any other attitude than the one they find in the media or on the high street. Inherently, this is not going to change. But I think it would be such a revelation for more people to discover the other side to being nude - the one that doesn’t judge you but thinks you look fabulous whoever you are.

From the blog The Naked Imp