Free Beaches New Zealand recommends the following beaches for naturists:

Uretiti - Whangarei

Uretiti Beach is 35 km south of Whangarei, by the DoC reserve right next to State Highway 1. During summer there are generally good numbers of naturists to be found on the beach beside the DoC campground, weekdays included. There is a beach access just south of the camp gate - the best parking option.

St Leonards - Auckland

St Leonards Beach is just south of North Shore City's main Takapuna Beach. Local  council rules tolerate nudity as long as naturists keep at least 50m from the access steps, and don’t walk in front of passers-by.

Ladies Bay - Auckland

Located in St Heliers, at the end of Tamaki Drive - go up Cliff Rd and park, then walk back to the cliff-path and down to the beach. The council had set up an overlooking platform, but there's no sign that it has affected numbers.

Papamoa - Tauranga

Papamoa Beach's nude zone is directly behind the prominent signs in the dunes, about 1.3 km from the Mt Maunganui end of Papamoa Beach Rd (called Maranui Rd at that end). Those signs only refer to the dunes (not the sand). As at Uretiti and Breaker Bay, there are often people here on a week-day. Recently a substantial boardwalk has been built 50m across the dunes from the road to the beach. It ends right in the middle of the nude area of the beach!

Breaker Bay - Wellington

Breaker Bay, at the entrance to Wellington Harbour, is in the suburb of Seatoun. This beach has a notable geographic feature which tends to set the theme: clothes-optional past the 'hole in the rock;' usually 'dressed' on the near side of it. From the car park there is a 70m trek to the rock through fine pebbles (there's very little sand here). One of the reasons for the popularity of this area is its shelter from Wellington's prevailing nor-westerly. On a dubious day in town it can be very nice out there.

Heyders Road North - Christchurch

The Heyders Road entrance is at the north end of Spencerville - walk about 200m up the beach. Following liaison with the local authorities, Christchurch Free Beach members have agreed to use this place (in preference to the nearer Waimairi Beach, due mainly to its unsavoury reputation). 


On many beaches used by naturists in New Zealand you will see the distinctive yellow Bare on the Beach flag - used by naturists to alert other beach users that there are naked people in the vicinity. Since the 1970s it has been generally accepted that many beaches or parts of beaches are 'clothes optional.'