Name of organisation

Naturist Action Group



History and purpose

Naturist Action Group - or NAG - was created in 2010 as a campaign group with the sole aim of advancing naturism as a lifestyle of choice in the UK.

Its mission statement is: “To promote non-sexual social nudity in British society, leading to better health and wellbeing among individuals, and to greater respect for oneself and others, as well as the environment.”

It aims to achieve this by engaging with and educating politicians, law enforcement agencies, the justice system, other social groups and most importantly of all, the British public. By doing so, it hopes to bring about a greater understanding and acceptance of naturism within society.

Explains NAG chairman Reg Barlow: “Britons have enjoyed being socially nude for more than a century, but there is still a good deal of misunderstanding about naturism among the British public. Those that have heard of naturism - but are not naturists themselves - know it from what they have read in the newspapers or perhaps from the more adult content on the Internet. This has meant that the discussion about our lifestyle has largely been media-led. NAG believes naturists need to become more proactive in their dealings with people. In so doing, we will be taking control and influencing any public discussion about naturism, instead of reacting it.

“The Naturist Action Group campaigns for naturism in Britain, seeking better facilities and more locations where nude recreation is accepted. But to achieve our aim, we need to be bigger than just a small band of enthusiasts. If you think naturism is something worthwhile and want to help to promote its advancement in the UK, contact us and make yourself known. We recognise that this will not be achieved overnight and the continued support of others who think as we do is essential.”

Structure and funding

NAG has no membership: the group relies on the generosity of others to enable it to act on behalf of the naturist lifestyle. To make a donation, go to the website.

The content on the NAG website is free to view; you only need register if you want to comment on any of the posts. If you have a question about NAG or our activities, or naturism, then you can ask any of the committee through the contact page.

Name of contact

Reg Barlow - Chairman