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Home / Reviews / Features / Media / The REAL naked chefs

The REAL naked chefs

It was Jamie Oliver of course who first popularised the phrase Naked Chef, despite the fact that the archetypal Essex Boy has never actually been seen naked in the kitchen in public, and even passed up the chance to strip off in the sauna in Sweden when he was making a TV film about the country’s cuisine. “The missus would do her nut” was his feeble excuse for keeping his towel wrapped firmly around his chunky girth whilst a mixed-sex group of far less inhibited locals followed tradition by racing naked down to the lake to cool off.

Other chefs however haven’t been quite so bashful, and whether the term ‘naked’ refers to their choice of apparel and/or their style of cooking, many have been perfectly happy to bare all for their art. Here’s a brief guide to those culinary characters who believe the only thing in the kitchen that should be dressed is the salad....


For starters: The author of three bestselling cookbooks and the creator of the Honestly Healthy food website, the photogenic young businesswomen (who also happens to be the daughter of celebrity designer Kelly Hoppen and the stepsister of actress Sienna Miller, always good for garnering column inches) has branched out into personal appearances and a YouTube channel, and with an army of Instagram followers, it can only be a matter of time before TV comes knocking on the door. Move over Nigella.

Food: Healthy but tasty recipes based on the alkaline diet. Her mission is to “cut through the marketing and help give you the tools and expert advice to start improving your health, and take the first steps to leading an environmentally sustainable lifestyle.”

Nude: She doesn’t cook naked, but never one to pass up on a good PR opportunity, she was recently photographed promoting her latest book covered in nothing more than a few strategically-placed vegetables.

Website: www.honestlyhealthyfood.com


For starters: The attractive 24-year-old Argentinean took YouTube by storm in 2015 with her topless cooking show A Fuego Máximo (Maximum Fire), which amassed over 20,000 subscribers and 500,000 views with just three videos. It disappeared however almost as quickly as it had arrived, leading conspiracy theorists to believe that it was nothing more than a slow-reveal marketing ploy for Doritos Roulette tortilla chips, which featured prominently in one of the recipes. Fans will be delighted to hear that it’s now back online.

Food: Jenn made simple dishes such as guacamole, salad and hot dogs that required only the most basic of instructions, designed “to make food fun and get men into cooking.” Reverse sexism surely, on the basis that most of the world’s great chefs are in fact male.

Nude: Jenn kept her skimpy panties on, and although billed as a topless show, she had to make sure that the food covered her nipples in order not to break YouTube rules on nudity.

Video: Click HERE


For starters: Presented by American Ruby Day and available on YouTube, the show is a series of step-by-step cooking guides to simple and healthy eating.

Food: Each show features one recipe, covering a wide range of subjects including main dishes, desserts, salads, vegan and vegetarian.

Nude: Wearing Bridget Jones-style pants and with an apron covering her top half, the most you ever really see is a flash of side boob, making the slightly saccharine Ruby seem more like a Stepford Wife who has just forgotten to get properly dressed. It’s obviously her day job however, as “the redhead icon of RubysDiary.com” as her CV describes her alter ego is also a dominant fetishist and exhibitionist, whose website is “a provocative artistic expression of fantasy fulfilment of everyday people coupled with a look into the lesbian, bisexual and poly-swinger lifestyles of the sexpert and relationship expert.” Presumably she won’t be played by Jane Asher in the biopic.

Website: Click HERE


For starters: Another nude cooking series on the internet, this time available on Vimeo. Presented by Jada, Freya, Ariana, Sweetie and friends, this is the culinary equivalent of Naked News, and it’s a fair bet that the girls haven’t exactly been chosen for their cooking skills.

Food: Taking a leaf out of Keith Floyd’s book, the girls cook many of their favourite recipes al fresco: in the garden, by swimming pools, on the beach or in picturesque harbours, as well as in the studio kitchen.

Nude: The show is part of the Nude Muse soft-porn network focusing on “nude art, nude culture, nude lifestyle, nude health and nude news,” so it will come as no surprise that there isn’t a chef’s apron or carefully-positioned courgette in sight.

Website: Click HERE


For starters: Roughly translated as The Stove Men, this is a burlesque routine on the French TV show Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde which has garnered 6 million views on YouTube.

Food: None as such, as it features two crazy “chefs” wearing nothing but shoes, chef caps and saucepans, performing a naked dance routine swapping the pans with increasing speed, risk and abandon.

Nude: With their carefully choreographed moves, the audience watches in anticipation as the pair somehow manage to keep their private parts covered, with one or two “cheeky” interludes. It’s been described by some as “hilarious” - but anything that also includes the words “French” and “comedy” in the same sentence should always be taken with a large pinch of salt.

Video: Click HERE


For starters: Country cooking classes run by Frances Fry in her farmhouse kitchen in the rural western Algarve in Portugal. Along with husband David, Frances also operates the horse riding and carriage driving company Horses in the Sun, and the couple will be well known to many naturists as the former proprietors of the clothing-optional guest house Quinta da Horta.

Food: Day-long or residential courses that cover traditional cooking methods and ingredient choices, together with visits to local producers, farmers and vineyards.

Nude: Most of the classes are held fully clothed, as the main target market is the wider general public, but as with Horses in the Sun, if all the participants are naturists, then nudity is often the order of the day.

Website: Click HERE


For starters: To mark National Vegetarian Week last year, Spanish model Elen Rivas (best known in the UK as footballer Frank Lampard’s ex) starred in a naked advertising campaign for PETA, the animal rights organisation, promoting the benefits of a meat-free diet.

Food: Under the headline Spanish Melons (geddit?), the failed Dancing On Ice ‘celebrity’

was photographed perched on top of a fruit and vegetable stall holding up two ripe examples of the aforementioned fruit in front of her... yes, you’ve guessed it.

Nude: Not really of course, and with a string of grapes also draped over her lower half, all you can really see is the airbrushed parts that are left. What next? Ewan McGregor gets out his meat and two veg for the British Beef Association?


For starters: Familiar to H&E readers through the regular column in this magazine, and from being featured on Channel 4’s My Daughter the Teenage Nudist, this began life as a blog in 2011 when Manchester flatmates Jess, Greta and Luke decided to publish their recipes and needed an angle to make them stand out from the crowd.

Food: Vegan recipes of course, although Jess has admitted: “To be honest, I don’t think the odd bit of cheating is a bad thing. I have this impression that a lot of vegans are obsessed with purity, scouring ingredients for small traces of animal products that probably don’t make a massive impact on animal suffering.”

Nude: Save for the occasional apron if preparing something dangerously hot (or clothes if the Manchester weather is at its worst) all the participants are fully naked in photos and live appearances. They insist that the movement is entirely non-sexual and that the site has helped promote discussion not only on ethical food but also positive body image, thanks to its strict no-Photoshop policy.

Website: www.nakedvegancooking.com


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