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Home / Reviews / Europe / France /CAP D AGDE: AN OVERVIEW


The complete resort of Cap d'Agde can accommodate around 180,000 tourists in peak season, and a large proportion of those are not necessarily naturists. The nudist area including the nude beach however does attract tens of thousands of nudists, naturists and swingers, and Cap d'Agde is rightly recognised as one of the largest naturist resorts (and official nude beaches) in the world.

The nude section of the beach at Cap d'Agde is around 2 km in length and is divided into three unofficial areas:
- the family nude beach
- the swingers beach
- the gay beach

The family nude beach

This is the largest part of the beach, easily accessed from your apartment, villa or hotel in the Village Naturiste or the main camping area. If you are planning to go to the family nude beach, be sure not to walk to the left side, which will take you close to the swingers beach: walk to the right instead, in the direction of Heliopolis/Port Nature.

For the most part the family section of the beach is perfectly safe for children during daytime; there have been reports that some sexual activities may occur from time to time in this area, but it will not be as open or explicit as it would be at the swingers beach. However at night most people would not recommend going to any part of the beach with children.

The swingers beach

If you enter the beach and walk to the left, you will eventually reach the swingers beach. This section starts just after the rescue post/police post, which you can find on top of the dunes. If you arrive on this beach early in the morning, it will be relatively quiet, because a lot of swingers have been partying all night and will still be sleeping. Later in the day however, you will be under no illusions.

Officially, sex is not allowed in public in Cap d'Agde - a law which also applies to the nude beach and even the swingers beach, so theoretically you can get arrested. Traditionally, sexual activities on the swingers beach mostly occurred in the evening, after the police post closed at 6:30 pm, but in the last few years, the police have tended to turn a blind eye to sexual activity at any time of the day, and it is commonplace.

The gay beach

Right after the swingers beach, you will find the gay beach, primarily (but not exclusively) frequented by gay men. Again, sexual activity is the norm here.


Cameras or recording devices are strictly forbidden anywhere in the naturist resort other than for purposes of filming your own immediate family and friends. Neither the police, nor most other naturists, will tolerate generic filming or photography, however innocent it may be.

After dark

Sexual activity and overtly sexual behaviour is common in many clubs and at private parties, and several hotels are for couples only, with sexual liberty encouraged.

Accommodation and facilities

The nudist area of Cap d'Agde is the equivalent of a small self-contained village, consisting of the marina, the campsite, holiday apartments, supermarkets, other shops, medical facilities, swimming pools, spa facilities, and a wide selection of restaurants, bars and clubs aimed both at family naturists and swingers.

The main accommodation areas are:

Heliopolis - Studios and apartments
Port Nature - Villas and apartments
Helio-Village - Villas
Port Ambonne - Apartments
Port Venus - Villas
Port Soleil - Apartments
Port Sauvage - Villas
Centre Hélio-Marin - Camping

Hotels in or close to the naturist area include: Hotel Eve, Le Jardin du Babylon, Le Jardin d'Eden, Natureva Spa, Oz'Inn and Riad.


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